A Short Note On Co Operative Collision Warning

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Co-operative Collision Warning by using Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication Ankita Khapekar
Electronics and Telecommunications
Pune, India ankitakhapekar@gmail.com Rajesh Shekokar
Electronics and Telecommunications
Pune, India rajesh.shekokar@sinhgad.edu Abstract— Road accidents cause a severe threat to human lives from both an injury as well as a financial perspective. Given that vehicles are designed to provide a smooth means of transportation, manufacturers have long been in the process of designing the vehicles that are based on principles of efficiency, reliability and safety. However, due to reasons such as human-error, circumstantial error, poor vision and negligence, accidents occur. Today, special attention is focused on the technologies that can reduce traffic collisions. Hence, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technology is proposed which are simple to implement. The main objective of this paper is to alert the driver when he closes to the front vehicle by using camera and ultrasonic sensor and to communicate mutually for information exchange by using Xbee.
Keywords—Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication, SURF algorithm, Raspberry Pi, Open CV
In India, the percentage of killing of people by accidents is far more than those by diseases. A survey said that approximately 45% of people are died due to road accidents. [1,2] Nowadays, life style has become very fast and busy. People are always in hurry. An unlucky event such as road

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