A Short Note On Core Competencies And Competencies

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V. Core Competencies:
Core Competencies One: Innovation
The definition of innovation in core competency is defined is to be, " Able to challenge conventional practices; adapts established methods for new uses; pursues ongoing system improvement; creates novel solutions to problems; evaluates new technology as potential solutions to existing problems."(NHIV.gov)
One of SOBI 's core competencies is innovation. They create a work environment where employees are free to feel creative and therefore creates more innovation. The company is constantly looking for opportunities for growth, which is why I think that expanding into these new territories would definitely fall within this core competency.
Core Competencies Two: Quality
SOBI maintains high standards when it comes to quality. They ensure quality by making deadlines, and maintaining a safe working environment. SOBI has a dedicated quality assurance team that makes inspections, and is able to keep SOBI in compliance. SOBI also conducts Ethical issues and safety clinical studies, along with anti-corruption studies and focuses on recruitment and retention which all lead to quality. SOBI 's outstanding quality is what makes it stand out from it 's competitors. This type of quality will lend well when moving into the new territories I have proposed. Regions like the Middle East and Northern Africa will need a company that has high standards of quality control in order to help patient and doctors feel comfortable with…

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