A Short Note On Core Competencies And Competencies

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V. Core Competencies:
Core Competencies One: Innovation
The definition of innovation in core competency is defined is to be, " Able to challenge conventional practices; adapts established methods for new uses; pursues ongoing system improvement; creates novel solutions to problems; evaluates new technology as potential solutions to existing problems."(NHIV.gov)
One of SOBI 's core competencies is innovation. They create a work environment where employees are free to feel creative and therefore creates more innovation. The company is constantly looking for opportunities for growth, which is why I think that expanding into these new territories would definitely fall within this core competency.
Core Competencies Two: Quality
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This customer service standard will be crucial when moving into the new territories, as these are Countries that are generally poor and uneducated when it comes to their options when treating their disease. The idea the SOBI is there ready to answer their calls and to help them deal with insurance and financial assistance is a big plus.
Core Competencies Four: Teamwork
Teamwork is something that SOBI boasts about throughout all of their annual reports. They are very proud of their low turnover rate and worker initiatives they practice. They offer fixed and variable salaries, long-term incentive programs, pension plans, open door policies and many more incentives to maintain a happy working team. When looking at other pharmaceutical companies, SOBI has the lowest turnover rate in the industry and they contribute this to their ability to foster teamwork. Fostering great team work will only help SOBI when they move into these new territories. If they have happy workers on the ground starting to market the product, physicians and patient will sense this. Unhappy workers and high turnover rate does nothing to help the confidences of those purchasing the products.
VI. Pricing
A. What are the fixed and variable costs to the company of producing, marketing, and selling the new good or service
The product purchasing is a tricky situation, especially when we are talking about heavily poor communities and countries. For those

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