A Short Note On Corporate Credit Card Agreement With American Express

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My most recent negotiation experience was renegotiating my company’s corporate credit card agreement with American Express. In my experience, contract renegotiation is typically less intensive than the initial negotiation of an agreement with a new vendor, especially if both parties are happy with the current relationship and services being provided. However, in this case, there were a few things that made this negotiation a little different from previous contract renegotiations. First, we had just been assigned a new account manager. In many of our other vendor relationships, account managers come and go. However, my organization has had a 32-year long relationship with American Express as a corporate credit card provider. And, more than half of this relationship was with our most recent account representative, who we obviously had a very good relationship with. And, even though I have held various positions in different departments, I, myself have either been directly or indirectly involved with this relationship and account manager for the past 10 years. This made previous negotiations run smoothly. Our general perception was that our account manager was working in our best interest, which was a tremendous value.
However, we weren’t as happy with our newly assigned account manager. He didn’t understand our business or needs as customers, and also didn’t seem interested in learning. Most of our interaction with him was various attempts to try to sell us

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