A Short Note On Diabetes And Its Effects On The Risk Of Development Of Heart Failure

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Diastolic dysfunction is observed in 40-60% of diabetics with heart failure, this occur through a pathological processes that cause stiffening of the myocardium due to cross-linking and extracellular matrix deposition, hypertrophy, and neuronal abnormalities (Rakowski et al., 1996), (Zile & Brutsaert 2002), (Laing et al., 2003), (Drury et al., 2011), (Forbes & Cooper 2013). Many factors play a role in development of CVD in diabetes as dyslipidemia, poor glycemic control that cause direct damage to myocardium, or affect through atherosclerotic process , while other factors are still controversial (Zile & Brutsaert 2002), (Hogan et al., 2003), (Laing et al., 2003), (Paterson et al., 2007), (Fowler 2008), (Forbes & Cooper 2013). The current study investigated effect of different coronary risk factors on the risk of development of heart failure such as age, gender, presence of medical comorbidities as (DM, hypertension and CAD), smoking, Body mass index (BMI), blood sugar and lipid profile and results showed that both DM and CAD had strong association with development of heart failure as well as obesity measured by BMI and cholesterol level. This agreed with many studies that showed that diabetes is a strong independent risk factor for left ventricular dysfunction and the presence of addition coronary risk factors increase the risk such as age, sex, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, positive family history, and smoking (Jurkovicova D et al., 2006). Also studies showed…
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