A Short Note On Diabetes And Type 2 Diabetes Essay

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Type-2 Diabetes is an issue because too many people suffer from this disease and are diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes in our community. There are over 240,000 New Zealanders diagnosed with this disease, diabetes (mostly type two) also there are 100,000 others who are diagnosed but don’t know it. Too many ethnicities in New Zealand such as Polynesian. Asians, Europeans and Maoris’ are diagnosed with this disease and at risk at heart disease that can be lead to death. People that are obese are more likely to suffer from diabetes and can affect their career and family health during future. Junk foods and heavy sugar and fat sold in supermarkets and stores promote this disease and risk of health and their kid’s health as well. Obesity and Type-2 diabetes are crucial issues for New Zealanders (NZ); they adversely affect the health of many and negatively impact the social lives of our community and gain stress to families and can also lead to economic welfare of all New Zealanders. It’s an issue in our community because most New Zealanders don’t know what can happen or occur after they’re diagnosed or at risk of getting diabetes. They never ask themselves what food they’ll eat and how much sugar is in it before they consume it into their bodies, causing issues inside the body to happen if you don’t think about things you eat or consuming. Once you’re diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes it cannot be cured it can only be prevent or control by special scientist or doctors.

Diabetes is
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