A Short Note On Diabetes Mellitus Research Paper

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Diabetes Mellitus Research Paper
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VN FT030 – Term 3
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Diabetes Mellitus (“DM”) is one of the most serious and widespread non-infectious diseases. Per Porter (2013), DM has a long history, tracing back Egypt over 3,500 years ago when Egyptian doctors used ants to test for the “sweet urine” disease. According to Statistics about Diabetes (2015) over 29 million Americans suffer with DM, including about 12 million (26%) of Americans over age 65. The ADA estimates that about 234,000 deaths in the U.S. are attributable to DM.
Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM), often called “Type 1 Diabetes”.
Per a research paper by Ozougwu (2015),
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According to Zatalia (2013), oxidative stress “play[s] a role in systemic inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, impaired secretion of pancreatic cells and impaired glucose utilization” (p. 141). If so, antioxidant therapy (i.e., adding fruits, plants, vitamins and other supplements to patients’ diet) reduces the development of IDDM and its complications, including cardiomyopathy, retinopathy and neuropathy.
NIDDM signs and symptoms come on rapidly because of a triggering event – a viral infection or other stress to the body. In contrast, IDDM signs and symptoms are mild and most patients will not recognize them until the hyperglycemia creates significant damage to the body, especially to the blood vessels, liver and kidneys. Often the first sign is nocturia, where patients are irritated by having to void several times each night.
Per Medline Plus (2015), the early symptoms are: increased urination, thirst and hunger (“the 3 P’s” – polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia), skin or renal infections that occur more frequently and heal more slowly,). NIDDM patients are typically less than 20 years old and have weight loss despite eating more. IDDM patients typically are over 45 years old and complain of lack of energy, blurry vision and pain or numbness. See chart below from Woman’s Healthy & Fitness Tips (2015).

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