A Short Note On Diabetes Mellitus Type II

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The disease I chose to write on research paper is Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Diabetes is one of the major chronic diseases caused by the insulin resistance that body generates within. It is a serious public health issue currently. There are different types of diabetes we encounter nowadays, but the three main types are Type I, Type II and gestational diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus,2005-2016). The type II diabetes is a non-controlled disease and it is the most common and also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus,2005-2016). The impact on the human physiology is by insufficient production of sugar (insulin) in the bloodstream which then over the time damages to other organs. According to Public Health Agency of Canada, 90% to 95% of Canadian population are diagnosed with diabetes, especially with Type II diabetes (PHAC, 2016). It is statically proven that in 2008-09, approximately 2.4 million Canadians from the age group of one year and older are diagnosed with diabetes. In addition, 6.4% of females and 7.2% of males are prevalence in epidemiology to the condition of diabetes (PHAC,2016).

Controllable Disease Risk Factors:
The controllable risk factors associates with Type II diabetes are weight, smoking, inactivity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The two major risk factors associated with type II diabetes are weight, and inactivity which can easily controlled by making changes to our living style and making dietary changes.
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