A Short Note On Diabetes Mellitus Type II

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Diabetes Mellitus Type II Diabetes Mellitus (DM) type II is a major issue worldwide; as well as, a major issue here in the United States. According to the CDC (2015), in the U.S., DM is the seventh leading cause of death. Type II DM is associated to obesity as well as genetic factors and age (Whalen, Finkel, & Panavelil, 2015). There are many different treatment options for DM. This paper will discuss diabetes and its vast treatment options, including, what to monitor and potential adverse effects. Type II DM is more prevalent than Type I DM (Whalen et al., 2015). It is caused from a lack of sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and binds to glucose, pulling it into cells (American Diabetes Association, 2016). In type II diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin to bind with the glucose leading to an increased level of glucose in the blood, otherwise known as hyperglycemia (American Diabetes Association, 2016). Nonprescription Treatments Type II DM has been closely linked with obesity. Therefore, one of the major nonpharmacological treatments for diabetes is exercise (Whalen et al., 2015). Patients can be taught to exercise daily along with eating a healthy diabetic diet (Whalen et al., 2015). It is important that patients understand the proper instructions and do not try to overdo their exercise plans and become discouraged. Patients who lead a sedentary lifestyle should start by finding something they enjoy such as walking around the
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