A Short Note On Dos And Dos Attacks

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II. DoS Classification:
DoS attacks usually compromise victim’s bandwidth or connectivity [1]. Bandwidth is compromised by flooding the network to an extent that exhausts partial or entire available bandwidth; while connectivity is compromised by flooding the victim machine with requests that exhausts partial or entire available operating system resources. In either of the cases, an authorized used is denied from accessing the victim machine or its resources.
Based on the resource that a DoS attack may exploit, it can be classified into five broad categories as shown in the figure shown below: Figure 1: Classification of DoS attacks As the name suggests each of these categories exploit weakness or bugs at the respective level to
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The actual strategy may comprise of different techniques, but each of them follows a step-wise process to set the entire model up and launch a coordinated attack as listed below. Also the Figure 3 below gives an overview of this process. Figure 2: Model of a DDoS attack [1]

Figure 3: DDoS attack strategy

a. To find a vulnerable machine to act as an agent or zombie: There are various scanning techniques [10] known in order to find a vulnerable machine:
Random Scanning – a random IP address is selected from a pool of addresses and a malicious code checks for its vulnerability. If found vulnerable, the malicious code is installed and it further probes to find another vulnerable machine. The advantage of this technique is that it spreads the malicious code really quick and eventually the attacker has a pool of zombies in no time.
Hit-list Scanning – This is similar to the previous one except for the fact that the attacker in this case has a list of potentially vulnerable machines rather that starting with a random IP. However, in this case the attacker is required to have the list ready before he can start scanning.
Topological scanning – This method uses information from one zombie to find another potential zombie. Since the information on the innocent zombie can be considered to be genuine, the accuracy of this method is exceptionally good.
Local subnet scanning – This technique is used to scan for targets inside

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