A Short Note On Dos And Dos Attacks

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II. DoS Classification:
DoS attacks usually compromise victim’s bandwidth or connectivity [1]. Bandwidth is compromised by flooding the network to an extent that exhausts partial or entire available bandwidth; while connectivity is compromised by flooding the victim machine with requests that exhausts partial or entire available operating system resources. In either of the cases, an authorized used is denied from accessing the victim machine or its resources.
Based on the resource that a DoS attack may exploit, it can be classified into five broad categories as shown in the figure shown below: Figure 1: Classification of DoS attacks As the name suggests each of these categories exploit weakness or bugs at the respective level to launch a DoS. For example, DoS may exploit a software or hardware weakness of a network device, operating system or network applications implemented by the victim. Data flood attack is commonly about flooding the victim with meaningless packets from forged IP address until all the resources are exhausted. The most advanced from of DoS, DDoS, commonly implements this concept through a streamlined strategy which will be shortly discussed in this paper.
III. DDoS Attack – Strategy, Classification and Characteristics:
A DDoS attack in simple words is equivalent to launching a DoS attack from multiple coordinated sources; needless to specify that it increases the efficiency of a DoS by manifold. As we discussed this earlier, the capability of DDoS…

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