A Short Note On Elastic And Inelastic Traffic

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Elastic and Inelastic Traffic In this day and age, the design of networks can puzzle some individuals. In fact the naming of the devices within a network can be very daunting if someone takes into account that everything can be named within a network or internetwork. This might include items such as workstations, printers, servers, switches, routers, mobile devices, and tablets. A great designed and executed naming style could easily permit the users the ability to browse with ease and connect to these pieces of equipment by name. Each device’s name is the beginning of the variables that need to be checked into, and also the network address. The different ways that are discussed within this paper apply to being able to map an address with its name and varies from both static host files and dynamic domain name systems (DDNS) (Mitchell, 2015). Unlike DNS that simply functions with static IP addresses, DDNS is also created to support dynamic IP addresses, like those that are appointed by a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server (Mitchell, 2015). The utilization of dynamic name resolution methods are at many times the best decision. The naming method that is chosen must be constant all over the network and names need to be unique, significant, and small. This naming method will also allow a user to look for and identify names that are assigned to the devices. Development of an Addressing and Naming Model Within the scenario given, the organization is made up of ten

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