A Short Note On Electra Products : Case Study Essay

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Case Study – Electra Products
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Word Count: 1715 Case Study – Electra Products

1. Introduction
This report was devised to address the problems that have been highlighted in the given case of ‘Electra Products’. It is important to note that the report is specifically aimed at analysing the management issues that have been occurred within the working environment of Electra Products. It has been established that EPL (Electra Products) is one of the renowned companies that are famous for manufacturing and retailing electrical materials. It is important to note that EP had enjoyed considerable fame and repute in the industry; however, with the passage of time the company had to experience wide range of issues. Those issues had played a major role in affecting the integrity and overall performance of the company. Some of the most prominent issues that were faced by EP include traditional and ineffective ideas for the new products, diminishing shares in market, low morale of employees, as well as poor communication practices amid its sales and manufacturing units.
These issues eventually resulted in the loss of skilled employees. In order to combat this vulnerable situation, EP had employed professional consultant, named Martin Griffin. Martin used to consider people or workforce as the biggest strengths of an organisation. His approach has also been verified by the initiative of organising an employee
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