A Short Note On Engine Aircraft And Its Impact On The United States Essay

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The B707 was the first aircraft developed by Boeing in 1958, it is a narrow body , mid-size and a four turbo-fan engine aircraft ( Pratt & Whitney ) . Some people call it ( seven oh seven ) and it has different modules ( series ) that contains different capacity from 140-189 passengers .The Boeing 787 was produced in 2007 , it is a long-range , wide-body , twin turbo-fan engine ( GEnx or Rolls Royce ) aircraft . Passenger’s seat varies from 242-335 dependant on the series of the aircraft. Of course both aircrafts varies from the internal structures ,but almost the same design for the outer structure (body shape ) , and I’ll demonstrate the differences and similarities between both aircrafts , from structure design to the innovations made to the B787 , that surely made us look at the Boeing industry in a different perspectives.

(Anon, 2016) Boeing 787 (B707, 2016) Boeing 707
Now showing some interesting facts to compare between these two aircrafts such as, fuel costs, ranges, fuel capacity, thrust and cabin. The fuel costs for the B787 is 26.23 $ per nautical mile whereas the fuel cost for B707 is 24.89 $ , so obviously the B707 takes the win when it comes to fuel costs , but next facts will show that the B787 supersedes the B707 ,starting with the flight ranges for the B787 is 7.635 nautical mile , B707 is 5.750 nautical miles , and for the max cruise

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