A Short Note On External Mentorship For Employers

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External Mentorship for Employers How to Begin as a Mentor To determine if you are ready as a mentor, the minimum requirements to establish a mentor and mentee relationship are:  Three or more years of professional experience in the related field of student study or industry that aligns with program learning outcomes  Expertise in any of the following areas: o Leadership o Communication Skills o Strategic Decision Making o Organization Skills o Resource Management How to Apply Complete the _______________________ form and send to: Marci Trevino, M.A. Internship and Mentorship Program Chair Business Development and Industry Relations Manager Fremont College 3440 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010 213-355-8083 Mentor Role  The mentor will take a personal professional interest in guiding, encouraging, and supporting the mentee  The mentor agrees to meet with the mentee once a month face-to-face  The mentor agrees to meet with the student once a week via phone, email or any other form of communication channel with a minimum of 10 minutes  Mentor on accomplishments, improvements, attitude and provide “emotional intelligence” guidance  The mentor and mentee will commit to the program for at least one month and anytime thereafter is between the employer and student Getting Started as a Mentor  Meet with the program chair  Schedule a time to meet with the student  Understand that this is a “learning environment” for
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