A Short Note On Green Earth, Inc.

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Green Earth, Inc. is a Washington corporation located in downtown Seattle Washington.
The Company has developed proprietary technology that will help facilitate residential composting in an urban setting. The initial product rollout will consist of two products: The Compost Caddy, a countertop compost receptacle and a user-friendly receptacle liner called the Bio-Butler.
The Compost Caddy is an existing state of the art compost storage unit that is currently manufactured by a leading company in kitchen accessories. The company’s unit is being produced under a private label contact with supplier’s unit receiving the Company’s faceplate. It is intended to increase sales of the Bio-Butler liners.
The Bio-Butler is a proprietary liner
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The company intends to market these products both domestically while concurrently marketing them in its first international expansion. Canada has been selected to be that venue due to aggressive governmental policy to expand composting and its areas of high density, urban residences. (Best, 2011)
To adequately determine the potential need and viability of the Company’s new products, the Company will conduct market research oriented to the new products primary stakeholders. This consists of local governments, apartment/condo dwellers, and multi-dwelling building management. Three different research methods to be utilized in this analysis:
• Review of solid waste and government plans for large metropolitan areas in the US and Canada with a large percentage of high-density residential dwellings. The key information to review are the timelines for implementation along with embedded penalties and incentives to achieve participation goals. (Seattle Public Utilities, 2015)
• Focus groups to residents of affected areas of these programs to determine concerns of urban composting. They also clarify the anticipated benefits of a solution, both tangible and intangible, along with the ranking of their importance.
• Follow-up survey will be emailed to a random sample of residents in these targeted areas. Its purpose is to gauge the consumer’s interest level to a product that addresses the identified problems and provides solutions. They would also
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