A Short Note On Head Mounted Mouse & Keyboard For The Physically Disabled

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Career Episode # 3
CE 3: Head Mounted Mouse & Keyboard for the Physically Disabled
CE 3.1 Introduction
This project was performed as a semester project during my Bachelors of Electronics and Communications Engineering at VISVESVARAYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, BANGALORE, INDIA. I performed this project with two other group mates, however, I was the project lead as it was originally my idea and my fellows agreed I was fit to take charge. We did indeed need external help from time to time, for which we consulted our instructors of the relevant disciplines. Their help was very valuable and I thank them for their cooperation.

CE 3.2: Background
CE 3.2.1
The theme of the project was to bring forth an idea which could prove to be helpful in today’s world and bring it to completion once the idea was approved. My first instinct was to develop a solution for people who are physically impaired and could use my invention to complete day to day tasks more seamlessly. I was very enthusiastic about my idea and thankfully our course instructor was too and gave us a go ahead on the project. However we were at first more inclined towards developing a robotics related project and a vacuum cleaning automaton such as the famous Roomba® but another group had already taken this idea a few step further so we dropped our initiative out of professional and friendly courtesy.

CE 3.2.2
Electronic gadgets such as smartphones, PDAs, computers and laptops have revolutionized the way in which we perform…
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