A Short Note On Hed 525 Exam # 1

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HED 525 Exam #1 (Midterm)
October 27, 2015 Please read the following instructions very carefully.
•Read carefully ... carefully .... carefully! More points are lost from skimming over important elements than anything else! There are clear “right answers” to all of these questions, and the info you need is often in the details!
•Stay focused and avoid “everything but the kitchen sink” answers. Including a bunch of information that does not add to your discussion will likely result in being unable to complete the exam in the allotted time.
•You may refer to your book and class notes, but workalone and use your own words, not quotes.
•If you need to, you may use additional sheets of your own paper to complete the exam. Please clearly label the question # on the additional sheets.
•Show me what you know…I know you are a smart group! 1.Why do we have an entire class devoted to Health Behavior Theory?(2 pts) What is its value or application to the field of Health Education/Promotion/Public Health?(2 pts) How do professionals in our field use theory to help address health-related problems? (2 pts)
An entire class is devoted to Health Behavior Theories due to the following: To gain knowledge and a foundation on how to use theories. Theories can guide the search to understand why people do or do not practice health promoting behaviors, help identify what information is needed to design an effective intervention strategy, and provide insight into how to design a program so

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