A Short Note On Hepatitis And The Virus

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Michael Popoola 12-10-16 Period 4B Hepatitis A Virus Over time, many people have conducted extensive research and spent strenuous hours analyzing the infamous disease known as Hepatitis A. This had to lead to presume many different conclusions and theories about the facts that were deduced from their arduous research. The various researchers who conducted the experiments are old, however, they bore fruitful results and were not in vain. This can be witnessed through the numerous treatments for hepatitis. Hepatitis continues to be a mild problem today, however not nearly as it was before advances in technology and the medical field. These advances allowed adequate research to come to fruition, therefore, hepatitis has receded into the lesser diseases. However, it still poses a threat today despite modern advancements. The Hepatitis A Virus (or HAV), can sometimes be the deadly disease that is caused by a troublesome virus and can only be transmitted from one person to another through direct and (predominantly) indirect contact. Hepatitis A is usually spread when the virus is taken in by the mouth from personal contact with food, objects, or drinks contaminated by them. This includes water and/or, other drinks, (can also be with ice), blood, stool, and other forms of contact. The virus enters through the epithelium in the mouth or gut and migrates to the liver over a period of about two to six weeks. The virus

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