A Short Note On Hepatitis C And Cirrhosis

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Hepatitis Affection “Ignorance is bliss” and “knowledge is power,” two sayings that are used frequently. Yet, if you are in the medical field, it is risky to lay lives down, including your own, for an ‘I didn’t know.’ There are several reasons why I chose Hepatitis C for my research paper, but the main reason is Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis took a very special life away from me due to ignorance. With the medical field evolving everyday, there are some medical professionals that have conservative points-of-view and have become dormant learners. As EMS professionals, we need to continually check the current risk factors, precautions, prevention, proven causes, and signs and symptoms. To answer an infected persons question(s), it wouldn’t hurt to learn about tests, treatments, and possible procedures, as well.
Hepatitis C Virus, HCV, means inflammation of the liver. Worldwide, this blood-borne pathogen newly infects over 3 million people each year and can seem endemic in some parts of the world. Yet, we have come a remarkable way since HCV was only identified in 1989. The extent in our understanding has brought several people at ease, but we still have much more to learn. Today, 4 million people in the United States are living with HCV and 170 million around the globe. There is only a small portion of people who are infected that develop serious complications, the bigger portion who are afflicted with this disease is giving us many challenges in the medical field. Newly

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