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Module Title Marketing in a Global Age Module Code M003LON Assignment Title CW2 – Individual Marketing Plan Student Name Ms. Nalina Pinthong, ID 6712075 Course MBA International Marketing Tutor Name Ms. Joshie Juggessur Word Count Submission Date December 22nd, 2015 Executive Summary H&M is one of the most popular worldwide fashion clothing company that attempting for sustained brand awareness, market share and income growth. This report will practice the justification behind this statement, including the company’s current situation within Thailand clothing industry and current trends by using various difference tools such as PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces, and SWOT. This will then show a detailed marketing…show more content…
The company business concept is “Fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way” (About.hm n.d.) H&M was expanded to Thailand via franchise in 2012 (About.hm n.d.) Currently, there are 9 H&M franchise stores in Thailand, majority situated in Bangkok, the capital city. Thailand is a fast growing developing country. The main competitors of H&M in Thailand are GAP, ZARA and MNG. H&M is the latest arrival to Thai market among the competitor set. However, H&M can gain competitive advantage by offering Thai customer the online store as the others do not offer at the moment. This marketing plan will implement strategy for H&M after choosing to do market development in Thailand. Also, we will use differentiation focus by being the first global clothing retail company that provides the complete online store for Thai customer. 3. The Marketing Environment 3.1 PESTEL Analysis Political • Political uncertainty and discontinuity is a big impact for H&M to grow and invest in Thailand. The government is now disturbed by the coup d’état and the return to regularity is quiet indefinable (The Nation 2015.) Economic • Thai Economy has been better year-by-year which means that the spending powers of Thai people have also been increased. This is a huge benefit for H&M. According to World Bank, in less than a generation, Thailand has made extraordinary development in social and economic matters by moving

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