A Short Note On Individual Student Observation Format Essay

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Appendix D – Individual Student Observation Format

I. Identification of Subject:
Age: 6
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Grade: Kindergarten
Location: Observation took place in the student’s home after school.
II. Information Sources:
Before completing my observation, I spoke to the mother to get a better sense of who the student is. She discussed his accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses. She also gave me a better understanding of the family dynamic. I also reviewed the child’s report card from a few days earlier.
III. Background Information:

A. Family Background:
Family is working class and the mother is the only source of income. She has never pursued child support for fear that the child’s father would only end of in jail, which would be detrimental to her son. The child’s parents were never married and broke up shortly after the child’s first birthday. The father has no education outside of college and has been unable to hold a steady job his entire adult life. He has struggled in the past with drug addiction, and as a result only has supervised visits with his son. The mother is midway through earning a Bachelors in Anthropology and is considering teaching. She took the last semester off from school in order to accept a promotion, because she desperately needed the pay increase.
B. Home Atmosphere:

The family values their each other and their time together above all else. The mother and son are extremely close, and appear to have a sense of them against the…
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