A Short Note On Inter Racial Relationships And Conflict

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Final Proposal Richard Vandenhole University of North Texas Inter-Racial Relationships & Conflict Statement of the problem Communication scholars (Miller-Ott, Kelly, & Duran, 2012; Stewart, Dainton, & Goodboy, 2014; Walther, Heide, Tong, Carr, & Atkin, 2010) have researched communication between couples in romantic relationships. Researchers have examined inter-racial romantic relationships (Chory-Assad & Booth-Butterfield, 2001; Harris & Trego, 2008; Rubenfeld & Clément, 2012), relational maintenance strategies (Ayres,1983; Goodboy & Bolkan, 2011), and computer mediated communication (Walther, Deandrea, & Tong, 2010). However, few scholars (Brody, Mooney, Westerman, & McDonald, 2009) examined cell phone usage as a relational maintenance tool in romantic relationships. The researchers who have studied romantic relationships in various contexts generally focus on relational maintenance strategies (Ayres,1983; Goodboy & Myers, 2010; Stewart, Dainton, & Goodboy, 2014) and computer mediated communication (Aukus & Rumsey, 2010). Consequently, few researchers have studied romantic relationship material involving the communication between inter-racial couples over the technologic medium of cell phones. Literature Review The large number of interracial romantic relationships in American society and the ever changing artifact of technologic communication create a need for more research on the relational components of individuals involved in interracial romantic

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