A Short Note On Interactions Of The Peers

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Interactions Of The Peers Rationale: The importance my topic carries is what drives kids to act the way they do, like someone being openly homosexual for example, kids may ignore them do to religion or influences. My study proves the importance of human judgment that all people subconsciously make towards one another. We want to see exactly what influences it, if it’s the environment around them that makes them feel this way or maybe just something else entirely. The purpose of this study is to see that if there is openly homosexual person in the class then they will be treated differently by their peers. Method: For my survey I tested 26 people, all of these people were 18-14 years of age. Though I did give out many surveys, I picked my…show more content…
I sent out a few surveys on Friday during my lunch period, carefully observing how some of them acted towards others while they were in their little group of friends, at this time I sent out about 8 surveys. I had obviously many left over so, I had to make do with what I had, I even went to my cousins house (who goes to Northwestern) and ended up going almost door to door for answers. So I got many survey results from the groups of friends hanging out on the side of the road and from people who would rather hang out inside their house than outside. I distributed about 9 surveys to them on saturday morning before coming back home and going over to the playground area in my apartment complex (a popular hangout for many teens in the apartment complex I live in) to hand out more surveys. Now some of these teenagers did go to Nations Ford so I was able to get, not many, but some results from a few of their students. I gave out about 8 surveys there before heading to my mom’s house and giving out 9 more surveys to teens in my neighborhood on Sunday. The only instructions given to take this survey was that their identity would not be revealed nor would anyone else see these results for anything but educational purposes. Results: Some of my results were fairly shocking, other answers
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