A Short Note On Intoxicated By My Illness

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Part of life is dealing with the twists and obstacles that it provides.Everyone reacts differently to life’s struggle and may take action in accordance to their emotions.Though in Jorge Luis Borges’ “Borges and I” and Anatole Broyard’s “Intoxicated by My Illness” the subjects discussed differ, they present the power of reflecting on one’s condition.Anatole Broyard reflects in “Intoxicated By My Illness” on his changed outlook on life due to his diagnosis of prostate cancer.Jorge Luis Borges in “Borges and I” reflects on the idea of a character losing themselves in their internal debate.In the pieces, the authors’s ruminations lead to their own conclusions.The process in which they came to their conclusion as well as the conclusion itself lead to the question, to what extent can their conclusions be seen as acceptance.Then the question arose, can different routes lead to a similar stage of acceptance. Anatole Broyard throughout “Intoxicated By My Illness” provides reflections on his personal experiences that have helped shape his new outlook on his life due to his diagnosis, prostate cancer.He begins with a “startled awareness that one day something,..., was going to interrupt [his] leisurely progress” (Broyard 357).The diagnosis caused him to feel an “elation” “something like relief,” for it gave him a sense of urgency (357).With this feeling of ‘crisis,’ he delves into the idea of his mortality (357).Broyard works through the ideas of “ a deadline” and how it allows for him

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