A Short Note On Ir 360 : Final Exam

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nnes IR 360 Final Exam: 1. Please write a memorandum to the President recommending how he deals with the following scenario. Explain the reasons for your particular recommendation. Dear Mr. President I recommend you, under your high commands, to reopen an investigation regarding the case of James C. Jones. According to files, records and reports, James C. Jones was found guilty of providing assistance to our enemies in the Middle East; notably to the Iranian government and Hizbollah, a group that the U.S classified as a terrorist organization. I understand that the US has taken actions previously, but I am afraid to say that the actions taken were not sufficient to deal with the issue effectively. Along with my memorandum, I will…show more content…
As I mentioned, we do not have enough hints in that subject. Also, all our reports and records show that Jones’ dishonesty started after 2006 when he was fired. However, I am suspicious, as I think that Jone’s duplicity was before 2006. Obviously, I cannot condemn without proofs. That is why I urge for an immediate investigation in the matter. Jones used to have a history of alcohol and drug abuse that began in 1983. I would like to understand why he was not expelled from his mission, as one, it is disgraceful to have a CIA employee with such behavioral attributes and two, we could have avoided all the following events if Jones was fired in 1983. I urge you to take Jone’s case as an example, and apply more strict rules towards any agent in the intelligence that represents the United States of America. In 2007, the Lebanese intelligence service reported that Jones moved to Beirut where he made connections with Hizbollah and the Iranians Revolutionary Guards. I would like to know how did that occur and through which intermediary Jones was able to contact these groups. Our most secretive files could be at the possession of our bitterest enemies, which could affect our homeland security. Was Jones accompanied with other CIA employers? As you are aware Mr. President, in 2008, three of our intelligence operations officers were murdered, following their kidnapping
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