A Short Note On Managing The Workstation Domain

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Managing the Workstation Domain The workstation domain in the IT infrastructure is the area where the end user is in the most control. It is also where most users are able to connect to the IT infrastructure. The workstation domain refers to any endpoint device used by others. This can be a desktop computer, a laptop device, a special-purpose terminal or any smart device in the end user’s physical possession (Johnson 93). In more recent years, smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets have become a part of the workstation domain. Along with the workstation domain being the place where an end user has the most control, it is also easily susceptible to security breaches. There are a multitude of risks that exist and can cause vulnerabilities at the workstation domain. As the world continues to evolve so does the technology and the risks involved for an IT infrastructure. If security measures are correctly put in place than the workstation domain should run smoothly in an operation. What Happens at the Work Station Domain? The workstation domain is used to access the network by the end user. In order for work tasks to be completed, the organization has to give certain access to the end user. The end user must first use their active directory or authentication credentials to log on to the workstation. If more than one person can access the same workstation the settings must prevent the end users from accessing and affecting one another. This is achieved by limiting the

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