A Short Note On Marketing Decisions

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Before I began the simulation, I read the guide, manual and case and tried to come up with a plan of action. Using the information given, my own business knowledge and what I have learned in class, I tried to make good and effective marketing decisions. My goal was to stay ahead of my own stock price and income and not worry too much about competitors, because my judgements could become clouded with too much information and some of the information may not be pertinent to my company. If we could take small steps each period, this would prove to be successful. As they say slow and steady wins the race. If we fell behind it could be difficult to catch up. I also realized that decisions need to be a little flexible to incorporate…show more content…
My message decision was basically benefits in the beginning with 40%, primary and reminder messages set at 25% each and 10% for comparison with Besthelp, which I thought they were our closest competitor. The benefits that I promoted were all symptoms such as relieving aches, clears nasal, congestion, reduce chest congestion, runny noses, suppresses coughing, relieves allergy symptoms even though my audience didn 't see it necessarily being used for these benefits or did the product contain an antihistamine for allergies, I figured those with allergies may have been mis-diagnosed at first with cold like symptoms. Diagnosing allergies isn’t always easy as the symptoms are much like generic cold symptoms sometimes. At this point I was still figuring it all out. My trade decision was to put $1.4 million in co-op advertising with chain drug stores and grocery stores at 20% and the rest at 15% I know this percentage wasn 't the same across the board, but it seem to work for the consumer treat decision I put in $2.3 million at point of purchase at all of the channels trial sizes were a small amount at this point at .2 million and my coupons for $4,000,000 with 50 cents off savings. I chose Besthelp to be your closest competitor because from the market surveys of brands purchased they were 14.6% and which was right behind us at 22%. advertising estimates for best help was $15 million using the same ad agency as we did. Primary
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