A Short Note On Mock Disaster Response Plan

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Mock Disaster Response Plan
The Incident Command System provides a tentative framework for the management of disasters across the country. The system is flexible to adapt to the particular needs of the situation at hand. The ICS provides guidelines on how various assets can be utilized in times of an emergency. These assets are supplied by the federal, state, and local authorities as well as NGOs and private organizations. The assets include human capital as well as machinery, and strategies that can help control the incident from getting out of hand. The assets also ensure the number of casualties remains minimal in the event of a disaster (FEMA, 2010).
When an incident occurs the Incident Command System organizes the assets into five
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On the night of July 3rd, 2015, a man entered the Phoenix Movie Centre that is located in downtown Kentucky. Within minutes, gunshots in the movie center were heard from the nearby establishments whose workers immediately informed emergency services. Being a Friday, there were many couples, and teenagers catching movies at the center or playing video games in the center’s arcade. Over 2500 calls were made to emergency units in the span of fewer than 15 minutes. Some of the 9-1-1 operators reporting that there were a lot of screaming, and what sounded like gunshots from the other end of the lines. Emergency units were dispatched with the first arriving within 10 minutes of the first shot. There are reports that over 2000 people were in the building once the shots began.
Functional Areas of ICS
As stated earlier, there are five sections that make up the Incident Command System. These include the Planning, Logistics, Command, Operations, and Administration/Finance. Each section has its responsibilities to ensure that nothing is left undone i.e. all precautionary methods are undertaken to prevent the aggravation of the incident. Also, every event is different, and the ICS regulations for a shootout are different for those of an earthquake or a bomb scare. In the case of a shooting, all the functional areas will be activated especially in this scenario where the potential for casualties is high.
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