A Short Note On Modern Society And Today 's Culture And Society

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Nicole Valdecanas Mrs. McCready AP English III - E 20 February 2017 Millennials and Modern Society Are millennials more anxious, egotistical, and insecure because of today’s culture and society? Imagine a room full of young people that sit on their phones, unwilling to speak to one another because they are either too snobby or reluctant to interact with one another. A teenage girl approaches the others, her eyes filled with both worry and chance. Revealing a picture on her phone, she inquires whether a graduation post of herself in an obscure university robe with medals, multiple organization tassels, and her diploma is “post” worthy. Some either compliment her or grow too impatient to listen. One could observe that with every bit of…show more content…
Forced into lives with lower self-esteem, young people turn to social media to fill these unworthy feelings. To prove that they are doing fine, millennials pretend and “filter” to seem like they have life figured out, even though they are truly depressed (Source B). These online websites and technologies provide temporary relief from stress. It creates superficial relationships with others due to a withdrawal of face-to-face interaction between people. Studies show that people who spend more time on social media sites suffer from higher rates of depression than those who spend less time online (Source B). Young people turn towards technology for deceitful pleasure. When one gets a text or a “like” on social media, he or she receives dopamine, a neurotransmitter that discharges gratifying feelings, meaning that he or she has become addicted to a feeling of needing acceptance from others (Source B). An impatient generation, millennials “want something and want it now.” With numerous Internet resources are provided today, young ones demand for instantaneous responses and deliveries. For example, emails and texts are more direct and quicker ways to contact someone. Amazon Prime demonstrates another example of an online website that ships packages to customers in a day (Sources B & E). Ultimately, technology is one component that affects millennials’ low
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