A Short Note On Mr Green Unveils A Brand New Website Revamp

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Blog 7 – Mr Green unveils a brand new website revamp

When it comes to online casino gaming, few names in the field command as much respect as Mr Green. Considered to be an industry powerhouse in every sense, you can be sure that the world’s leading players play at or have played at Mr Green. If there could have been any criticism of Mr Green it would have been that the website needed an update. Ask and you shall receive, as it looks like Mr Green has freshened it up in order to make things look sharper for players. In what constitutes a HD overhaul, the new look Mr Green website is certainly a sight to behold.

Rolling out a brand new look, the online casino that is available for play in United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and Poland, is set to hit new heights. The reason why Mr Green has decided to go ahead with the website revamp is because many had felt it had become stale. Now looking completely unique when compared to other operators, Mr Green has a website that truly summarises the lavish online casino experience that Mr Green provides. Games are easier to find, UI graphics are crisper, and transition animations are smoother, meaning the new website design only works to make the Mr Green experience more enjoyable.

Simple in Design

It seems that many online casinos these days go for the all-out cluttered approach when it comes to web-design. However, in most cases this seems to be fairly ineffectual and may even turn players off from playing. Mr Green has decided to go…
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