A Short Note On My Assistant Principal Of Crestview Elementary

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“Leaders don 't create followers, they create more leaders,” Tom Peter famously proclaimed. As the principal of Crestview Elementary, I have always taken this quote to heart by continuous striving to empower my faculty and staff. Most recently, I have decided to train my assistant principal, Kathy Robinson, who was appointed to her position this summer after ten years as a classroom teacher. I quickly recognized that she possessed many of the qualities that make great leaders. Kathy is an excellent communicator, a great problem solver, innovative, very personable, and cares about the students and staff (Sheninger, 2011). Therefore, I have decided to mentor her and hone her skills so that she will be prepared for a transition to the role of principal.
Our current school, Crestview Elementary, is located in Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville is a mid-size suburban community situated in Alachua County, which found in the northern part of Florida. Crestview Elementary has been a part of the Gainesville community for 60 years and served approximately 340 students in grades one through five. The school in located near serval low-income housing apartments, as well as an established housing subdivision. Ninety-seven percent of the student population is served by our free and reduce lunch program. The ethnic makeup of our school includes 90 percent African-Americans, 6 percent Hispanics, and 4 percent whites. Historically our school’s grade has fluctuated between a ‘C’ and ‘D’, with…
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