A Short Note On Network Enhancement Requirements For A Company 's Network

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Intertrode company has determined that the current security countermeasures are insufficient due to increasing number of physical connections which are unauthorized to the company 's network. so, as the previous network designers we have to implement more security countermeasures which are helpful for the present situation of the Intertrode company. 1.1. Network Enhancement Requirements: As part of this, we have to implement the following security measures to help remedy this issues: 1). Implement IP security to exclude a node which is out of the domain to being contact with the server that is in the domain network. But, if members of managerial group want to contact that node, they should have access to that server. 2). Traffic to and from the server should be encrypted using IP security. 3). Configure the windows advanced firewall to restrict the TCP/UDP ports which are not used by the clients and servers by using GPO. 4). Clients should have access to the cloud storage. By using Cloud Berry third party application we have to configure local talos machine to AWS S3, Amazon cloud storage service. 2. Domain and Server Isolation: Generally the ease of access that allows users to access resources in the network whenever they want from almost anywhere, at the same time it allows malicious programs such as viruses and worms, and malicious users to attack computers or resources in the network with that same ease.
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