A Short Note On Non Alcoholic Beverage Company

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Company SWOT Analysis
Company Description
The name of My Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company is "Revitalize Energy Drink". I decided on this particular name because it should connect with consumers and the name speaks for itself. The drink will consist of all natural products to help give users a boost of energy and assist them to consume natural vitamins and minerals their bodies need. Our mission is to serve men and women of all ages by providing an all-natural quality energy drink that will fuel their bodies and mind. Our mission is to provide a high quality all natural products that individuals can enjoy and provide their bodies with nutritional vitamins. We at Revitalize Company truly believe in our mission statement and will do our best
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Non-alcoholic Beverage Industry Trends and Justification
Industry Trends
Today Non-alcoholic Beverage Industry continues to grow due to the growing population and rise of the middle class, especially in emerging markets, and disposable income. All these are key growth drivers for non-alcoholic beverage companies to thrive. According to the Market Intelligence firm Euromonitor International predicts the middle class around the country will make up 1.5 billion households by 2020, a 25% rise since 2012. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis report, U.S. consumption accounts for over two-thirds of the country 's gross domestic product (or GDP). Individuals tend to spend more with a rise in their disposable income. The increase in consumer confidence also increases consumption expenditure (www.marketrealist.com). Another reason non-alcoholic beverage is on the growth because consumers are more health conscious, and sugary drinks are on the decline. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, calories from added sugars in soda are down 39 percent since 2000 because Americans are more conscious about their weight and the rising obesity rates. Two-Thirds of U.S. adults prove to be overweight or obese, a number that has been rising steadily for the past three decades (www.cnbc.com). According to the latest Energy Drink

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