A Short Note On Numerical Analysis Of Various Turbulence Models And Cfd For External Flow Over A Cylinder

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2-D Numerical Analysis of Various Turbulence Models in CFD for External Flow over a Cylinder

Tharikaa Ramesh kumar
Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA
The effects of turbulence on a flow can be predicted by Turbulence modeling in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Numerous turbulence models have been developed over the time and are used for envisioning the characteristics of the flow in different flow regimes in terms of time-averaged quantities for both internal and external flows. Still, one of the challenges in CFD is to simulate the significant flow physics. Numerical analysis will be carried out to investigate the capabilities of the various turbulence models in CFD. External flow over a cylinder will be considered for this analysis with varying Reynolds numbers viz., 10, 300, 1000, 4000 and 10000 to involve the critical regime of the flow. Incompressible turbulent flow will be tested for one equation and two equation models like Spalart - Allmaras, k-ε, k-ω, and SST models and might be extended to more turbulence models like LES and three equation models. The results will be presented in terms of drag coefficients and pressure coefficients and compared with existing experimental and established results. The suitability of each model for external flows with their pros and cons will be discussed.
I. Introduction
N practical fluid mechanics, flow around a circular cylinder is considered to be of high importance due to its relevance…
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