Nursing Case Study Essay

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Mrs. P is a 78-year-old lady with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a history of myocardial infarct and stroke with no residual deficit. She has been a known hypertensive, has gout, and previously found to have multiple gastric ulcers with no suspicious features, which are likely NSAID induced. She has a long-standing urinary incontinence and has been living in her home, before she became unwell, hospitalized and eventually moved into a rest home. Prior to her admission for long-term, classified for rest-home level of care, Mrs. P, was an ex-smoker of 30 pack years. She did some training in Nursing before she got married. However, was not able to complete this since they started a family and Mrs. P. eventually became a housewife for some years. She does remember of some years working in the field, back then, and would sometimes tell of stories when she’d used to do Nursing during one of the polio outbreaks in New Zealand. She loves felines, and used to have pets when still living at home. And now that she is in a rest home, Mrs. P. likes pet visits and stroking the house cat, a short-haired Calico, and does not mind having the feline around, sometimes, even in her room at night. Also, Mrs. P. has also done some years working in a tobacco factory back in Napier, once home to one of New Zealand’s largest smoking tobacco plants. Having a history of smoking, exposure to animal hair and dander, and chemical irritants and tobacco smoke in the workplace are
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