A Short Note On Persistent Systems Limited ( Persistent )

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Introduction of Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems Limited (Persistent) is a software development company that develops and maintains software systems and solutions. The company 's software product DNA includes product concept and design, agile product engineering, performance engineering, professional services, support assurance and quality assurance. It offers technologies such as cloud computing, collaboration, big data, analytics, mobility, and security and embedded solutions.
Persistent serves industries such as technology, telecommunication, banking and financial services, life sciences, consumer packaged goods and healthcare. The company has its presence in the US, France, South Africa, Singapore, Japan and Australia.
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The new HR Service Delivery Model (SDM) is ready and the HR team will align to it effective April 2016. All of this will happen simultaneously to help us achieve Persistent’s mission of a multi-billion dollar organization.
Reflecting the three points of improvement for Persistent’s success through Edward Demining’s 14 points of Management
Eliminate management by objectives. According to Deming eliminating management by objective meant understanding how a process is carried out and should not just focus on targets. He believed high targets encourage high output but low- quality. Management needs to provide support and resources to help high production/service level as well as achieve high quality. To him it is important to measure process and not people behind it.
This point of Deming stuck a cord in me to identify certain weakness that Persistent System currently has which need improvement. In the sales team there is an existing process to measure weekly revenue and monthly revenue through the opportunities created and track on sale force platform. While there is a process for the sales team to monitor their efforts, there isn’t much of an effective process set for the interlinked departments of recruitment and delivery to monitor theirs. I feel the management is involved in generating revenue and hence are not providing enough assistance and knowledge to make the entire inter-dependent team strong and effective. Currently I feel there is a blame game
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