A Short Note On Platform Smart Home Management Mobile Application

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2.5 The Product HSmart is cross-platform smart home management mobile application, which allows you to synchronize with numerous electrical home elements such as light bulbs, conditioners, refrigerators in collaboration with wearable devices and smart phones. The application allows you to control and monitor home appliances irrespective of your location. For example, switching on the air conditioner for a cooler environment before arrival or command robot vacuum cleaner to tidy up the house while away. The high rated customizable HSmart system allows complete user access control of home appliances via controller and a communication technology. a. Product overview HSmart provides a system that fully integrated, which will integrate the…show more content…
HSmart is compatible with different platforms such as Android, IOS (Apple device) and Windows by accessing GoogleStore, Apple AppStore and Windows Store respectively. With HSmart application, critical notifications regarding home appliances will be received and necessary actions taken at a simple tap. c. Hardware The hardware that need to be place in the house that required using our system include the following: • Central Controller: The central controller creates a smart home by integrating with 200+ smart devices. Like a live-in translator, the central controller engages with numerous connected products with an aim to monitor and control them easily from the HSmart application. The Central Controller uses communication technologies like ZigBee and Z-Wave radios which specifically designed for M2M leaning. The central controller is connecting to the internet via an Ethernet cable allowing you to create a safer and smarter home. Figure: Central Controller • Smart Home Elements: Smart home elements consist of different devices such as o Smart Connected Light that can be dimmed or turned on and off from your smartphone using the HSmart app. o Motion sensors that provide notifications for unexpected movement in the house. o SmartCamera which automatically capture video clips when specified events i.e. Event based video recording. o Multipurpose
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