A Short Note On Salt Water Garbage Islands

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Brittany Welch Environmental Science Miss. Batty November 6, 2014 Salt Water Trash Islands An accruing problem has hit many locations around the salt water areas. Its floating trash it’s not only a problem for the oceans but deadly to many marine animals and other species. It has become a more accruing in the last couple years due to commercial fishing, fishermen, and illegal boats taking trash to other countries. Threating is when its harming or something feels in danger and that’s exactly what trash is doing to marine life. Marine life is an organism that lives in the ocean. For example coral, fish, dolphins, and seaweed that lives in the ocean or salt water. Salt water is a type of body water that is a big part of the ocean. Salt water is approximately thirty to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. It also is seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface. This includes Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Mediterranean, Caspian, Baltic, Adriatic Sea, Bering, Coral, E. China Sea, Hudson Bay, James Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Oman, Saint Lawrence, Great Barrier (Australia) and many more. The average depth of the ocean is about twelve thousand four hundred and thirty feet deep. Its max depth is about 6.787 miles deep. The total mass is about 0.023 of the earth’s total mass. The world 's oceans are inhabited with over 14,000 species of saltwater fish. Some other sea animals that also live in the salt water are dolphins, turtles, sharks, and starfish. Several types of water plants that call
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