A Short Note On Scsi Test Vehicle ( Stv )

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SCSI Test Vehicle (STV) is a project to develop an FCP Storage emulator using FICON Express 16G channel adapter present on System z machine. STV is a specialized Firmware (FW) load into a channel adapter that provides the function of a FCP Target (Fibre channel SCSI Storage Control Unit). STV emulates IBM shark disk storage.
This document is intended at describing the design and implementation of STV Emulation support on Power Servers/Blades. The scope of this document is mainly limited to STV component in STV Type FC channel firmware. This document contains information collected from other documents and design discussions. STV Emulation support on Power Servers/Blades enables qualification/test floor teams to use the STV Type channel firmware to test SCSI stream protocol capable devices not just on system z but other servers such as zBX and zFX as well. Problem Statement
The Current STV based storage emulator requires a FICON express I/O Hardware and system z for emulation. This is useful for testing in a System z environment but proves uneconomical in regular zBX or zFX qualification. Moreover since STV uses the resources within the FICON express module, which are limited. Emulation of Enhanced features such as multipath or increased LUNs is not possible. This limits the test coverage of the test team. This project tries to work around some or most of the limitations by moving STV emulation to a Power server.
Limitation of STV:
High cost of testing for

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