A Short Note On Single Subject Design Project

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Single Subject Design Project Evan Decker Professor Orsi SOWK 300: Research in Applied Professions November 11, 2014 Abstract This paper will provide a brief overview of my Single Subject Design (SSD) project that I conducted for my SOWK 300 research class. For my SSD experiment I wanted to investigate the number of negative thoughts that I had each day and then try and implement an intervention that would reduce the frequency of negative thoughts that I experienced each day. The study was divided up into three phases in the format of an A-B-A design. For the intervention/treatment phase of this experiment I used mindfulness techniques. Overall, I feel that the intervention that was implemented was effective. This was evident as can be seen in the data collection. This experiment also allowed me to examine and think about how as a future social worker I could implement my experience with SSD experiments to help my clients. Single Subject Design Project This assignment required that I conduct a single subject experiment which gathered data for over a time period of three weeks. For my Single Subject Design experiment (SSD) I decided to measure the number of negative thoughts that I had each day. The target behavior was negative thoughts (dependent variable) for this study were defined as any self-criticism, negative self-comment, or irrational thoughts/belief about myself that I had (e.g. I am worthless, I look ugly, I am performing poorly in
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