A Short Note On Social Relationships And Caregiving Essay

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Assignment 1, Option 5: Social Relationships and Caregiving As we grow older our lives evolve and change in certain aspects. Stereotypes force us to believe that we become frailer. These stereotypes push younger generations to overcompensate for this delicateness. Not only does the way that society treats you change, but also other aspect of your life progress to match the new lifestyle that you live. These changes include who you include in your social circles and who you find most important in your life. I talked with a woman named Jane, this is a pseudonym, who is a member of the older adult community to better understand the changes that occur later in life. Jane is a Caucasian married woman in her mid-70s. She has 4 children, who are married and most have children of their own. Ohio is where she grew up, got her law degree, and became a professor before retiring. Retirement came fairly early in life for her; she was in her early 50s when she retired and moved to Florida. But, she still kept heavily volunteering until a few years ago when she moved from Florida to Greenville. Social changes that occur in older adulthood didn’t affect Jane immediately after she retired because she was so young when she retired. When she got into her 60s she started experiencing these changes like elderspeak. Elderspeak is a type of speech that is used towards older adults that usually exhibits characteristics such as exaggerated prosody, slowed down speech, louder speech, and constant

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