A Short Note On Student Success Essay : Conflict Resolution

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Student Success Essay Conflict resolution I need to work on my listening thoughtfully and carefully to any against me. I will need this in the future so I can improve myself and get better at things. I also need to try to express myself without letting my emotions get out of control. Next I need to work on thinking through my conflicts before acting on them because I tend to act before thoroughly thinking through my problem and what I’m going to do about it. I need to make a plan to improve myself when a complaint is filed against. I’m pretty good at correcting the way a person acts without attacking who they are. Usually when someone has a problem I suggest a way to solve it or give advice rather than making threats to stop the problem. When people are fighting I not only criticize them but also say positive things. Money management I don’t live on my own so I don’t pay the bills and neither do I know how to pay the bills. I don’t make money really so I don’t have a savings plan but I do have a savings plan for college. I don’t really have a clear picture of financial resources to pay for my education but I still have a pretty good idea. I don’t really know how to make a little money go long way but I have done it before. My education supports my goal for my job and life. I’m do a good job at saving and
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