A Short Note On Systemic Sclerosis ( Ss ) Based On The Joint Committee Of The Acr

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Discussion We report a case of male, 47 years old diagnosed with systemic sclerosis (ss) based on the joint committee of the ACR and the EULAR new classification criteria for ss with a score 11. "Hoogen, 2013" table1 Gastrointestinal involvement is frequent in scleroderma. It represents 10-75 % of cases. " marie,2008" " Gyger,2011". Severe complications affects only 8 %, but the mortality is high as gastroparesis results in difficulty in swallowing with subsequent malnutrition and cachexia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, moreover gastric bleeding out of gastric antral vascular ectasia (GAVE) "Marie,2008 " GAVE was initially reported by Ryder et al in 1953 and described as erosive gastritis with numerous capillaries. " monteroa,2012 " In 1984, Jabbari et al named it 's classic endoscopic appearance as water melon stomach. GAVE is a rare cause of upper GI blood loss. It represents 4 % of non variceal upper GI hemorrhage. " Jinga,2013 " It 's commonly associated with other diseases such as portal hypertension, chronic kidney disease and collagen vascular autoimmune diseases especially scleroderma, hypothyroidism and primary biliary cirrhosis. " Lata, 2012 " It 's frequency has been increased among patients diagnosed with ss. " Pisharam,2014 " " Hung,2013" The common presentation of GAVE is an elderly woman with median age 70 years old. " Parrado, 2010" GAVE is usually diagnosed in patients with already established ss within 3 years from onset of ss. It may be the the 1st

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