A Short Note On The And Chemical Spill

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1.A. Eye wash is used in the case of a chemical splash to the eyes. According to the lab information, if a person gets chemicals in his or her eyes, that person should begin to flush their eyes with water for 15-30 minutes. The best way to accomplish flushing the eyes is to flush outward. B. Fire blankets can be used in the laboratory to extinguish small fires, or protect oneself in the case of a fire. One should not attempt to extinguish a large fire with a fire blanket, but should evacuate the area immediately. C. Safety showers are used if there is a chemical spill or fire. In this case, the person affected should stand under the shower for a minimum of 15-30 minutes. This is done to effectively flood the body of harmful substances. D. Chemical spill kits contain items that should be used incase of chemical spills. For example, if an acidic chemical is spilled, then a base will be used to neutralize that chemical. Chemical spill kits are meant for surfaces not skin. E. Biological spill solution includes a 10% bleach solution. This is used to disinfect working areas. This solution should definitely be used when working with organisms that can cause disease. Individuals working with such organisms should protect and cover his or her skin. 2. A. A broken glass container should be used to discard any broken glass as well as coverslips. For example, a broken beaker should be discarded into a broken glass container to eliminate any possible injury
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