A Short Note On The And The Plebeians

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Patricians and the Plebeians
Unit 4 Writing Assignment

This paper will discuss the issues related to the economic and political differences between the patricians and the plebeian classes of Ancient Rome. The paper will also discuss the events that led up to the first revolt.

It’s been said, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law." While that may be true, the onus is on the one breaking the law to find out about the law. To clarify, when one wants to drive a car, they must search out and study the laws governing driving. If you want to practice medicine, you must study about the body, and then become certified to practice medicine and learn the dos and don’ts of the law. Some laws we learn the hard way like tourists. In Europe, the 50 km/h speed limit is expressed as a silhouette of a city like in the image below. Tourists not knowing this will receive a speeding ticket regardless whether they know this fact or not. This ignorance was the issue with the plebeians of Ancient Rome.

The plebeians were kept ignorant of the law in order to remain under the bondage of the patricians. See, the plebeians were also Roman citizens, just not of the old families. Those of the old families were called patricians (Morey, 1901). However, the plebeians were not guilty of wanton ignorance since nothing was written down and codified. Therefore, they could not overcome this ignorance of the law without the laws being published for
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