A Short Note On The Battle Of Thermopylae

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The battle of Thermopylae in year 480 BCE was a major part in the Greek victory of the Graeco-persian wars and for the battle of Greece as an independent nation leading to the Greek golden age and Hellenism forever changing the western world and its culture. (Frye)The start of the Graeco-Persian hostilities can be traced back to 499 BCE at the beginning of the Ionian revolt when Ionian Greeks revolted against their Persian leaders in a bloody civil war that lasted over seven years. The most significant event that would eventually lead to further hostilities was when the city states of mainland Greece mostly Athens started to support the Greek rebels both financially and militarily. Even with the help of mainland Greece the rebellion was crushed by Darius the great and the rest of the Persian Empire allowing it to become whole once again. But unfortunately this would not stop hostilities between these two nations for Darius wanted revenge on Greece most notably the city of Athens for supporting the Ionians during the revolt. But it wasn’t all about revenge the Ionian revolt severely threatened Darius’s Empire and Darius saw that mainland Greece would continually cause turmoil in this region of his empire unless they were dealt with thus leading to the first Persian invasion of Greece and The Greco Persian wars.
The first invasion of Greece by Darius would not be as successful as he hoped as he was able to destroy the city of Eretria which was one of the city states that had…
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