A Short Note On The / Communication Company

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The RR Communication Company is a well established company previously that operated on four business line outline. Over a time the RR communication company has been experiencing issues regarding the overall delivery of services and general working of the business. The customers have not been enjoying the quality of the services. Instead the services were poorly delivered. The company itself has experienced a list of failed projects that have been initiated at all departments. The company return on investment (ROI) has gone to the level that the management feels it is at the pick of collapsing. The RR communication Company is comprised of four divisions namely mobile, internet, landline, and cable TV. The owner has received complaints on the table regarding the double invoicing. Immediately, a decision is made to change the company operations from a four business line to a one business line without the consultation of the heads of the respective divisions. Previously the projects developed at the department’s level have been failing because of the independence that exists amongst the divisions. However, the implementation of one business line change with the retrenching of the heads of the four departments fails. The change backfires as the presidents of the departments rejects the retrenchment which was don’t done professionally and even formally. The decision made had not highlighted the actual challenge within the RR Communication Company. An appropriate organizational
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