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The RR Communication Company is a well established company previously that operated on four business line outline. Over a time the RR communication company has been experiencing issues regarding the overall delivery of services and general working of the business. The customers have not been enjoying the quality of the services. Instead the services were poorly delivered. The company itself has experienced a list of failed projects that have been initiated at all departments. The company return on investment (ROI) has gone to the level that the management feels it is at the pick of collapsing. The RR communication Company is comprised of four divisions namely mobile, internet, landline, and cable TV. The owner has received complaints on …show more content…
To make sure that challenges are handled and the business gets to identify and exploit the business opportunities, an organizational change theory is required to have the task accomplished. Organization change theory is defined as the business management efforts and capability of changing the operations and the look of a company. Therefore, the organization change involves altering of the current procedures of an organization with the intent of introducing of new procedures. The new activities are aimed at improving on the company efficiency, and performance in meeting the objectives. There are different types of organizational change.
Stage theory is a change methodology applied in introducing change within an organization by making sure that the change is implemented in defined phases. The stage theory is most applied in improving the company or business operations prior realization of a limiting factor. The other organizational change theory is the organizational development (OD) theory. The OD theory is a method that takes to focus on the human nature. The theory gets the human to understand well the business with the overall activities so that the human can easily impact on the operations of the business. The other theory is the Interorganizational Relations theory (IOR) which related with introducing change a whole in an organization. The change model has the interest in the relationship that exists between two existing and related organization.
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