A Short Note On The Edict Of Milan

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After the fascinating discoveries from Marco Polo, another event that was significant throughout Western Civilization is the Edict of Milan. The Edict of Milan was a declaration that permanently established religious tolerance for Christianity within the Roman Empire. The outcome of the political agreement concluded, of course, in Milan, between emperors of Constantine I and Licinius, in February 313. The declaration, was made for the East by Licinius, granting all people the freedom of any religion they wanted to worship. Also, it assured Christians of legal rights, including the right to organize churches. Not only granting them freedom of religion and legal rights, but giving back the property that was confiscated ( The Edict of Milan was a significant event because it gave Christians rights and made Christianity a set religion. Not only did the Edict of Milan make Christianity a set religion, it made everybody in Western Civilization tolerate it. If it was not for Constantine I and Licinius in February of 313 coming up with the Edict of Milan, Christianity would not be the set religion until later. Throughout Western Civilization, and without the Edict of Milan, Christians would not only have any rights and no land. Also, there would not be any Christian churches throughout Western Civilization if it was not for the Edict of Milan.
Following the Edict of Milan giving Christianity tolerance, Jonathan Gutenberg inventing the printing press is
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