A Short Note On The Hospitality Industry And Its Impact On The Hotel Industry

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The hotel is a part of the hospitality industry, which helps people to be temporarily away from their home. The word “hotel” is coming from French and it means the building just provides frequent visitors meeting and offers care, rather than a place provides a living. Hotels provide lots of facilities from basic beds and storage to coffee machines. Some large luxury hotels may offer service facilities from restaurants, meeting facilities to the swimming pool and gym center. Airbnb is a home- sharing style and provides online rental services. It is an online marketplace providing people a list of rental vacation houses. In economics, Airbnb impacts on hotel revenue, and there are several reasons to cater business travelers in the most effect. Airbnb is a new style of lodging and it is different from the traditional hotel. This paper introduces the history of the hotel, different hotel types, Airbnb and its impact on the hotel industry.
Traditional hotel
A precursor of the modern hotel is a lodging of medieval Europe, and it traced back to Ancient Roman rule. They provided a passenger 's demand, including accommodation, food and fodder for traveler’s horse and fresh horse’s coach (Roy Gallop, 2003). 200 years ago, from the middle of the 17th century, the coaching inns is a place of serving for coach traveler. The inn began to be built for rich customers in the eighteenth Century and had the level of service provided. One of the first home hotels in the

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