A Short Note On The Inverse Square Law

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Carlos A Beltran
Prof: Frank Molica
Principles of Radiation 120
March 25, 2015
The Inverse Square Law

Let’s all get around a camp fire, we can all feel the heat from the burning fire. As soon as it begins to get to hot we takes a couple of steps back to reduce the heat is getting in contact with our bodies. We just reduced the amount of heat we are getting to about one fourth of what we were getting while standing right in front of it. This is an example of the Inverse square Law. The Inverse Square Law States, The intensity of the beam is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. In other words an object twice as far away, receives only one-quarter the energy. This is all related to patient dose. As a
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(Recommended) During most fluoroscopic studies the patient exposure time to radiation is out of the techs direct control. When the technologist uses a mobile c-arm in surgery the radiographer becomes the primary fluoroscopist. The less time an exposure is taken the less radiation is received and the longer an exposure takes the more radiation is received. The inverse square law applies to any entity which radiates out from a point in space. A dramatic reduction in dose equivalent can be obtained by increasing the distance between yourself and the radiation source. With respect to Radiation Protection, the law says if you double your distance from a source of Ionizing Radiation you will reduce your exposure by 4. (Carlton) It follows that if you triple your distance from the source the exposure will reduce to 1/9 of the original value. This concept is one of the corner stones of radiation protection and is used with the Distance Rule. The word inverse implies that the exposure rate decreases when the distance from the source increases. (Gollnick) Radiation exposure levels decrease as distance from a source and the beam increases. (Carlton) In most examinations that are done in an outpatient clinic the people who are usually just in the examination room are the patient and the x-ray tech. This way more people are not being exposed to the

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