A Short Note On The Mexican Fusion Food

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Koreatown is located in Central Los Angeles. The neighborhood is one of the most densely populated districts in Los Angeles County with about 42,611 residents per square mile (3). Koreatown began with the immigration of Koreans to the Mid-Wilshire area and began opening businesses. Many of the businesses include Korean food restaurants, which have become very popular recently (10). Despite the name of the neighborhood the community is widely complex and impacts areas outside their boundaries. Korean food has become one of the many elements that have influenced the surrounding areas (2). Koreatown once catered to the Korean community yet as a result of the growing Latino community Korean business owners now target this new demographic (4). The growing Latino population has led to new business ventures and business opportunities including new food creations and locations that cater to that. Korean-Mexican fusion food is one of the creations that have emerged from Koreatown, specifically the Korean taco trucks (9). Koreatown evolving into the neighborhood that it is today, Korean restaurants, and Korean fusion food have all impacted the Korean American experience in the last fourteen years. However, as the new food creations have been gaining popularity it leads to the question of whether this fusion of food has overshadowed the growth of the Korean American community. Korean immigration to the U.S. has been recent and not as long as the immigration history of their fellow
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